Department of Product and Media Design


Congratulations! The third generation of the production media department was shortlisted for "My Innovation DNA" Practical Application Creative Competition

(Department of Product and Media Design, Reporting) The third year of Foguang Media Department participated in the “Digital Care Popularization Project” organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, “My Innovation DNA” practical application creative competition, and the students won the company’s affirmation, The successful business owners will carry out design planning and proposals. Now the good news came out and stood out among the hundreds of works in the national collection. A total of five sets of design proposals can enter the final finals. The final 70,000 yuan prize is contested.

In this visual media design course, which was jointly taught by Director Ye Mozhen and Mr. Lo kuang Chih, the junior students of the production media department jointly organized the design team to face the real business owner problem, cooperate with the content and learning in the classroom, and target the business owner. Questions for diagnostic analysis and creative proposals. The goal of this course is to hope that students can explore out of the campus and actually design planning and creative proposals for real business problems. I hope that my students can learn to use and develop their skills, and learn about the various techniques and possibilities of visual communication design to face the challenges of future design practice.

Guo Wenyu, a junior in the production media department, said that attending this event is a very special way of learning. Our theme is to assist a homestay company in Yilan to make a packaging design proposal for candied products. In addition to the guidance of the teacher's course, it also cooperates with the actual business owner problem to learn how to communicate with the business owner, investigate and analyze, and propose our solutions.We can not only make the design ability of the team members grow, but also cooperate with the owners to develop creative design proposals. We think this is a good learning opportunity.

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