Department of Product and Media Design

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The aim of the Department of Product and Media Design is to set up "Humanity Spirit - the cornerstone of the implementation of life to fulfil the “ShanSheng“ educational philosophy (Life, Live, Career), elevate good attitude, quality and the moral of a person." The education goals of the College of Creative and Technology  is to foster a culture of creativity dissemination and technology professionals , develop the cultural and creative industries of talent , nurture the professional ethics , social responsibility and caring personnel and educate the culture of creative thinking, design and development of a student for the future.

The Teaching Concept of the Department  

Based on the educational goals of the school and department, developed four educational objectives:

1.  1]  To develop the ability of products and media design of a student.

2.  2]  To develop the capabilities of cultural and creative industry design

3.  3] To develop the professional ethics and sentiment of social care

4.  4]   To fulfil the “ShanSheng“ educational philosophy (Life, Live, Career),cooperate with domestic and foreign industry, foster professionalism, holistic vision and professional social care. The educational goals of the department and school with college are connected to each other.


Based on the educational goals of the school and the college, the development of the six core competencies of the department are as follow:


 1. Professional Knowledge

 2. Design Technology

 3. Humanities

 4. Creative Thinking

 5. Information Technology 

 6. Communication and Expression



The Department established that the integration of science, technology,  humanities, and social arts education , in line with the humanities, design-based , computer , science and media technology, aesthetics , business -oriented connotation ; curriculum planning , the integration of creative design, computer technology and aesthetics of the three areas of marketing ,and etc. The basic education at Fo Guang University of Humanities and Social arts education , provided training courses like creative product and media design and computer-related products and media integration , the enterprise that lead students to become both the arts and humanities and computer literacy science and technology skills  to build the new generation of products and media design professionals. Teaching features of this system are as follows:

1. Practice and Theory

 Verify that theory from practice and gain the actual experience of the design process.


2.  Interdisciplinary learning environment

Integrate the school of art, communication, management , learning and digital technology and others Department of Education Resource .


3.  Apprenticeship group teaching

 The professional core courses apply "jointly teaching " and " Tutorial " teaching methods.

4.   Design Industry

Through industry-university cooperation designed and bring forward, so that students can apply their knowledge of the development of professional competence.


5. Global thinking in design

 Caring local culture product and internationalization design.