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2023 鄭云慈, 盧俊吉, 陸建宇, 劉崇智、張綺, 舞蹈療癒與身體覺察關係之研究 Research on the Relationship between Dance Healing and Body Awareness, 觀光與休閒管理期刊, 第11卷, pp. 37-44, Aug. 2023
2023 陸建宇, 牛隆光, 盧俊吉, 劉崇智、陳姿婷, 職業運動粉絲崇拜職籃偶像之研究 A Study on Professional Sports Fans Worshiping Professional Basketball Idols, 管理資訊計算 Management Information Computing, 第12卷, pp. 109-117, Jul. 2023
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2021 申開玄, Exploring the Appeal of Online to Offline (O2O) Social Network Marketing Design, Journal of Business and Economic Management (JBEM), Feb. 2021