Department of Product and Media Design


Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2021 申開玄, Exploring the Appeal of Online to Offline (O2O) Social Network Marketing Design, Journal of Business and Economic Management (JBEM), (SSCI)
2020 廖志傑, 光源設計對ABS塑膠霧面噴漆產品色偏之影響研究, 設計學報, 25, 2, (TSSCI)
2019 申開玄, 施光恆, 施光訓, Measuring Appeal of Mobility-Augmented Reality Games Based on Innovative Leisure Models, Int. J. of Mobile Communications, (SSCI)
2019 申開玄, Measuring the appeal of mobility-augmented reality games, based on the innovative models of interaction: A case study, SN Applied Sciences, (其他)
2019 廖志傑, What Color Does the Consumer See? Perceived Color Differences in Plastic Products in an LED-Lit Environment., Sustainability, (SCI)
2018 廖志傑, Study on Kansei Design of Motor Prevention and Protection Net for Operator, International Journal of Kansei Information, 1, 9, pp9-13
2018 高宜淓, 宜蘭縣深溝村半農半X發展之社會設計, 休閒研究, 第7卷第2期, 第7卷第2期, pp1-18
2017 高宜淓, Using IPA and Fusion of Horizons to Discuss the Influence of the Image Design of Lottery Paper Bag toward Consumer Confidence, International Journal of Kansei Information, 8(4), 8(4), pp103-114
2017 Lo, K, Tsai, W, A Study of Usability on Internet Map website, Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population: Aging, Design and User Experience, pp339-347
2017 高宜淓, Design and Practice of Digital Value-Added in Jiaosi Hot Spring Tourism Industry, Journalism and Mass Communication, 7(7), 7(7), pp401-411